Blossom Spring Detoxification System

Keep yourself in peak health with a yearly detox program

Our toxic world:
We are exposed to toxins in our air and water supplies on a daily basis, and the typical diet is so poor (white flour, high fat, processed meats, sugars, artificial sweeteners and low fiber) that every adult should detox at least once a year.
Most people have between 10 and 25 pounds of undigested meat in their colon. This compacted waste can and will poison the whole body if left unchecked. For the immune system to function properly the colon must be as clean as possible. According to the Royal Academy of Physicians, 90% of all disease is directly or indirectly related to an unclean colon due to impacted fecal matter. A sick colon can cause allergies and disease by blocking the absorption of nutrients through the intestinal walls.
What to look for:
Chronic constipation is a sure sign of a toxic colon. This is a condition where fecal matter is so tightly compacted that elimination is infrequent and incomplete, causing much straining and producing hard, dry feces.
• straining
• hard, small pebbles
• drops to bottom of toilet
• once a day or less often
• takes longer than a few minutes
• strong odor
Healthy elimination:
A healthy colon will produce, 2 or 3 times a day, long, large diameter, fluffy, light colored stools that float on top of the water and have no offensive odor. Elimination should be fast and easy.
Another thing to consider is intestinal parasites. Medical studies have found that 85% of the American adult population has at least one form of parasite. There are over 100 different parasites that live in compacted fecal matter in the colon, ranging from the microscopic, to tape worms which can grow to be several feet long. When left untreated, they can spread to other parts of
the body through the blood stream. They’ve been found in the lungs, heart, liver, muscles, joints and even in the brain!
A good detoxification program targets not only the colon but the other organs of elimination as well. The health of the liver, kidneys, lymphatic and circulatory systems will contribute to healthy intestines.
First, lets rid the system of many years of buildup. Eat a diet that’s high in fiber and nutrients. Choose whole grains, organic vegetables, brown rice, fish and soy products (It’s best to limit your intake of fruit for the first few weeks as the sugar content could interfere with detoxification.)
It is absolutely essential to drink plenty of clean filtered spring water every day. A good rule of thumb is one 8oz. glass for each 10 pounds of body weight.
Exercise speeds bowel action, encouraging healthy elimination and it moves lymph through the body.

Our Formulas:
Spring Clean Organ Detox Formula – AM
A proprietary blend of astragalus, wild yam, rabbit’s paw, senna alata, golondrina, plantain in a blend of rum, vegetable glycerin and distilled water.*
Spring Clean Colon Cleanse Formula – PM
A proprietary blend of cascara segrada, wormwood, clove, black walnut hull,slippery elm and ginger root.*

It is suggested that you follow the program for 1-3 months, depending on your state of health.

Spring Clean Colon Cleanse and Organ Detox Formulas work together in an easy to use morning and evening system. Take one dropperful of Organ Detox Formula in the morning and one capsule of Colon Cleanse Formula at bedtime. Combined with a good diet and exercise program, the Blossom Spring Detoxification System will have you back on the road to optimal health.

* All Blossom Spring products contain organic or wild crafted herbs found on the governments GRAS (generally regarded as safe) list.

Developed by Bonnie M. Russell, M.H., Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner