with Bonnie M. Russell







Higher Consciousness Meditation

2 day Intensive Meditation Workshop

Learn and practice the concepts and skills necessary to create a lifelong meditation practice.

Improve your health, your sanity, your outlook on life and your relationships with others, when you meditate regularly and correctly.

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Why we Meditate or How to Align yourself with the new 5th dimension energies

Spiritual energy, commonly referred to as 5th Dimension energy, has been increasing in both volume and frequency since the close of 2012. Many people have been experiencing sensations that range from, serious illness to dizziness, and just feeling “spaced out”, or an inability to get organized, to relationship troubles and loss of employment and/or homes.

Grounding is a powerful, on the spot, technique which will decrease the weight of the energy temporarily, but to assimilate the energies, and get them to work for you, instead of against you, you need to align yourself with them.

There are two types of meditation which I have found useful for this purpose. Transcendental Meditation (TM), in which you focus on your breath and clear your mind of all thoughts and distractions, is valuable for downloading new frequencies and information. Guided meditation is then used to consciously align with the new 5th dimension energies that are being downloaded into our sub-consciousness. To do this, we need to focus our meditation on the specific things in our lives that are out of alignment, with the purpose of aligning them.

The basis of any Spiritual practice is meditation. Spend time in silence, or surrounded by beautiful, inspired music, reconnecting with your Blessed Higher Self; the inner you. In this perfect space that you create for yourself, learn who you truly are, what it is that you desire, and how to become the person you are destined to be.

These recordings where designed with your higher purpose in mind. Enjoy every moment immersed within the purest communion with your Spirit.

The Inner Smile meditation is for anyone interested in becoming “in tune” with the workings of your physical self. Use this CD for getting in touch with your bodies organs and systems so you can learn to recognize the vibration of health, and sense when this vibration changes.
Inner Smile Meditation (28 minutes)



The Becoming One with Your Surroundings meditation is the shamanic exercise of extending your energy out into your surroundings. We are all connected, and this meditation will increase your feeling of connectedness. When we experience the love of this divine energy, it becomes impossible to fear.

Becoming One with Your Surroundings Meditation (28 minutes)