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Shamanic Saying:
One who has the power to see the future, has the power to change it.

Bonnie M. Russell, D.S., D.D., M.H., M.S.L.
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Serving the NorCal, East Bay area of California

For five years I took full advantage of the opportunity to practice Shamanic Medicine with the very people who invented it; the bush doctors of the Central American rain forests. Now, I bring my lifelong practice of herbs and natural medicine, to a community rich with their own cultural and medicinal traditions.
Herbs, Vitamins & Nutrition –
personalized, easy to follow plans
Therapy – personal care, sex therapy and couples counseling
Hypnotherapy – For stubborn behavior modification
Shamanic Healing Energy™  – healing energy flow therapy

Reclaim your Youth – Reclaim your Health – I can help

In November of 2017 we will be relocating to San Leandro, California.

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– Ministry –


weddings, vow renewal ceremonies, baptisms, last rites, funerals and Spirit based counseling.

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 When we pray we connect with a special, fine, and pure energy from off the planet. We connect with the Universal energies – and it matters not what your religious belief is. This energy is available to ALL of us 24/7. It’s all so simple. Bow your head and pray.
MIRACLES happen -everyday

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The Blossom Spring approach to wellness and living

Who Can Heal?
-If you are truly tired of being depressed, overweight, over medicated, under appreciated, and if you want to wake up and feel great every day for the rest of your life, I can help.
-If you are willing to take charge of your health and your happiness, I can help.
As a holistic health practitioner, I will help you not only with the physical aspects of your illness, but the emotional issues as well. Because the mind has a very powerful effect on our health, such as in the case of stress, it’s important to look at the whole picture to bring about complete healing.
I am a Master Herbalist trained in herbal medicine and nutrition. Since herbs are food, the same way a salad is, your body can recognize and use every molecule to build new cells and remove old ones, with no side effects. Prescription medications are not holistic. They aim powerful chemicals at specific body parts while putting other parts at risk (side effects). We should never put one system at risk in order to help another. When a person suffers from a headache, for instance, his body is telling him he needs something. It’s usually a symptom of something as simple as dehydration or tension, easily remedied by drinking water or stretching and relaxing. It is not because he has an aspirin deficiency. Your body can and does, make its own chemicals. The hypothalamus gland knows what we need, when we need it and how much. But more than that, it knows which body parts to send it to and when to turn it off.
Imagine a car backfires right outside the window. You jump up from your chair and your arms fly up to protect your head and face. The hypothalamus, in a fraction of a second, sent chemicals to the nerve endings in your legs and arms that allowed you to leap up without thinking about it first. Chemicals were also sent to your stomach to halt digestion for the moment. More chemicals were sent to the bloodstream and lungs to increase their capacity to handle the quickness of your bodies reaction. Then, just as quickly, they get turned off. Your blood pressure and breathing normalize and you sit back down and get right back to that book you where reading. Very clean and simple… and safe. Long time usage of prescription meds causes the hypothalamus to shrink and function poorly.
Life is not short, and if we give our body the food it needs to manufacture it’s own natural chemicals, we’ll have happy, pain free lives, without drugs.

All physical issues can be addressed holistically using:

* herbs            * universal energy           * vitamins
* therapy         * food                              * hypnosis


Where do we start?
Shamanic Healing Energy (SHE) is the first, least invasive, place to start. Not unlike the ancient practices of acupuncture or acupressure, this is an energy therapy that removes blockages in the natural flow of energy that courses through every one of us. A major difference is that there is no physical contact. All the work is done in the energy field several inches to several feet from your body. Once these blockages are released, and your energy is reconnected to the natural flow of the universe, many ailments disappear because when sickness is removed from the spirit, it leaves the body, too.

Spiritual assistance

As a Medical Intuitive I can see auras and feel their energy in my hands, and with the help of your sub-conscious mind, your higher self, I become the receiver, or antenna, to see and feel blockages in the natural flow of your energy field. Restoration of these blockages can completely reverse all chronic illness and disease.
Shamanic Healing Energy™ aura clearing and energy flow restoration comes from the Universal energy that is in and around us all, and it is guided by the client, their spirit guides, angels and ascended masters. Accordingly, these sessions are very different every time, for every client. You may experience past life recall, for karma clearing. You may receive messages from loved ones who have passed. Anything that spirit deems necessary for the sole purpose of healing your mind, body and spirit.

What’s next?
After your Shamanic healing session, we will develop a comprehensive health maintenance plan involving diet, and/or supplements, and relaxation techniques. We’ll look at what you’re eating, what your average day is like, the stresses you encounter and come up with a tailored approach to fit your life.
…and Spirit

As a Doctor of Shamanism, and Master of Spiritual Leadership, degrees I earned through the Universal Life Seminary, I am formally trained as a minister and counselor. We can discuss spiritual matters, relationship issues and any other related problems to get to the root of illness because, “your issues are in your tissues”. When discussion is not enough, hypnosis is applied.
-If you come to me with reservations or you figure you’ll “give this a shot”, you won’t have the complete turnaround in your life that you deserve.
-If you have a psychological reason to remain in your illness, such as a need for attention, or you feel your illness makes you acceptable to the friends you’ve made in a support group, you may not be able to heal.

-If you have a karmic reason attached to your ailment, you cannot heal until the karma has been satisfied.

-If your illness has become your hobby, if that’s all you talk about with anyone who will listen, you may not heal.
-If you are involved in a law suit due to a sustained injury, your subconscious may not allow you to heal until the suit is over.
-If you haggle with me over the cost of your treatments, you may not heal. In fact, the only patients I have been unable to effect complete healing for, have negotiated discounts for their sessions. There must be an equal exchange of energy; the complete use of my gifts and knowledge, for payment in full. This is Universal Law.

Be prepared to experience pure joy and wellness like you may not have felt since childhood!

Read more of my recommendations for wellness in the revised edition of my book:

Spirit Flight, Claim Your Joy and Your Health Will Follow” available at Amazon.com

I loved the look on my gynecologist’s face when he told me there must have been an error in the ultrasound that was done before the D and C was performed. My uterus walls are pink and healthy. He apologized for putting me thru this surgery procedure. I just smiled for I knew what really happened.
Prior to the D and C. I had my 2nd appointment with Bonnie for a vibrational healing session. She had noticed a need to clear the energy around my uterus. I then told her what happened with my menstrual period having appeared after 2 years of not having one. I was informed that the tests results showed a thickening of the uterus walls and they wanted to do a further procedure to rule out fibrous tissue and cancer. Bonnie just smiled and reassured me that all is well now.
After I had the procedure, on my ‘pink and healthy’ uterus, the look on my doctor’s face was priceless.
I am so grateful for this experience.

Nancy S.

I don’t know how she knows, but Bonnie can always find the tiniest thing in my aura that I’m dealing with. Not only aches and pains, but she knows when I’m having trouble at work or with my sister, too. She is an important part of my wellness routine.

Carol W.

I met Dr. Bonnie at a health fair where I received a 30 minute (Reconnective Energy) session from her. She didn’t ask me anything about myself, but when the session was over, she knew I had had a heart transplant and that everything was healing fine. She was able to put my mind and spirit at ease. She truly has a gift

Paul F.

When I had my first Reconnective Healing session with Bonnie, I left her office feeling as if I could not keep my eyes open. I took a nap as soon as I got home and rested my eyes. A few days later, maybe a week later, I noticed that I had not reached for my glasses since having the session. I could see everything I read like I had when I was in my twenties.

Jackie L.

I went to see Bonnie a few days before I was scheduled to have my cancerous thyroid removed. Without telling her anything about my condition, she found it and said she removed the energy. I didn’t understand what that meant, and I’m not sure I do now, but when I went to have my pre-operative tests done 2 days later, the doctors couldn’t find the cancer! Reconnection and Dr. Russell’s instincts, saved my life!

Michelle C.

Shamanic Healing EnergyShamanic Healing Circle, and Distant Healing are all accomplished used the highest energy available on the planet to date; Fifth dimensional energies. The Universe is continually downloading new information and new frequencies to those of us who are sensitive to these subtle energy changes. Learn to assimilate them.
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Can’t come to me? Send an email request to blossom-spring@hotmail.com for my comprehensive consultation questionnaire. I’ll review it with you and give you my personal recommendations for healthy eating, supplements, exercise, relaxation techniques and spiritual advice through email and over the phone.

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Bonnie M. Russell
Blossom Spring

(This is what 50 looks like when you live naturally!)

*Bonnie MacDade Russell is not a medical doctor. She is a Doctor of Shamanistic Theology, a degree in mind-body-spirit techniques earned through the Universal Life Seminary. She is a Master Herbalist and is nationally board certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Bonnie MacDade