Air™ Healthy Lung Vape Formula


0.5 oz.

A lung building supplement to add to your favorite vape juice.

Available only in Belize

Quit Smoking Tips


This herbal formula is ‘lung food’

This product can be used as a stop smoking aid, to nourish the lungs of a smoker, or ex-smoker, and because it contains no nicotine, it can be used to deliver healing nutrients directly to the lungs, instead of going through the digestive system, as you would with a cough syrup.

Aids in cell production of healthy new tissue, soothes mucus membranes, promotes healing, reduces recuperation time after quitting smoking.

Some of the many applications of Air™  Healthy Lungs vape formula are:

~ Smoking cessation
~ Can be used while smoking and
after quitting smoking.
~ Coughs
~ Upper respiratory infections

Air™  Healthy Lungs vape formula is an all natural herbal formula that contains:

~ No petroleum oils
~ No artificial colors
~ No fragrances
~ No preservatives
~ No nicotine

Ingredients: Love*, organic vegetable glycerin, mullein, trumpet leaf and thyme.
*all Blossom Spring products are made with the Shamanic Healing Energy™ of pure Love.