Shamanic Healing Energy Blanket -San Miguel


Infused with the healing energy frequencies. Surround yourself or a loved one with Universal healing energy.


Healing blankets are hand charged with Shamanic Healing Energy (SHE). We are happy to offer these wonderful cotton jaquard throws. Available in two classic designs, each blanket is woven cotton and infused with the healing energy of traditional Native American healing frequencies, which are not only older, but far more complex than any other known healing modality.

Measures approximately 4’x5’, and weighs around 2.5 lbs.

Design is reversible.

Wrap yourself, or your loved one, in the warmth of healing energy frequencies.

For Massage Therapists and Energy Healers
Drape a SHE infused blanket on your massage table, or wrap your client in one, to enhance your healing sessions.

To Enhance your Meditation
Meditate with the energy infused blanket to enhance the depth and strength of your journey. Drape it on your lap or lay on it to receive an extra high vibration boost.

Makes a great gift
Give one to your parents, your child, or an ailing loved one. Also makes a great gift to your chiropractor or other healing practitioner. Gift Card included with each blanket.

Your blanket will never need recharging! However, if it’s been soiled, and you’ve laundered it over and over again, or if you just feel that you would like to have it infused with fresh energy frequencies at any time, simply mail it back to us and it will be renewed. Your only expense will be for shipping; both ways, of course.