Defender™ immune support formula



Just say “NO” to the cold and flu season!



This herbal tincture was created to increase the body’s natural defenses against bacteria and viral infection.

To protect yourself and your family when everyone around you seems to be getting sick, or if you feel yourself coming down with something. The Defender™ kicks your immune system into high gear to protect the body from bacterial and viral infections.*

“I am in perfect health.”

Why should I use The Defender™?

Because it is an all natural herbal formula that contains:

~ No artificial colors
~ No artificial flavors
~ No preservatives

Safe and effective for the entire family!

All Natural Healing

Some of the many occasions to use
The Defender™ are:

~ When traveling
~ When someone at work is sick
~ When a child at school is sick
~ If you work in retail
~ If you work in a hospital
~ If you work with children
~ When you go out in public
~ When you feel run down
~ When you have a hangover
~ and so much more!
Don’t leave home without it!!

Take camping, to the beach, to the amusement park, the hospital and anyplace that germs and viruses may be lurking.

Store in a cool, dark place, away from heat.
(The bottom of your purse or gym bag is perfect)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: Love¹, rosemary, gumbo limbo², peppermint leaf, moringa², echinacea, elderberries, red china root², yarrow, and ginger root² in pure vegetable glycerin, distilled water and alcohol.

Please take only as directed.³

¹All Blossom Spring products are made with the Shamanic Healing Energy™ of pure Love.

²Herbs from the rain forests of Central America.  Learn more about our rain forest herbs 

³Herbal medicine is to be taken in small doses over long periods of time in order to keep a level of medicine in the body until a result is achieved. Do not double dose. You will not get the result you desire. 

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