Infuse Salve female hormone balance



This safe herbal formula provides an infusion of youthful hormone production designed to retain or regain your youth, libido, vaginal lubrication, protect breast health and appearance.


Created to support female health, this formula has been shown to balance female hormones, and in just a few months, you will notice firmer breasts, more lubrication, and increase your desire to have sex! Say goodbye to PMS and menopause symptoms! The herbs in Infuse have been used for centuries by many cultures around the world for balancing hormones, regulating menses, relieving menopause symptoms, and promoting breast health. Increased libido and sexual function are the result of this healthy balance of nutrients.

How do I use Infuse Salve™?

Simply rub a dime-sized amount of salve into the fatty tissues of the lower abdomen, buttocks and/or thighs.
Do this every day for three weeks. Do not use during menses.
Infuse can be used from puberty to facilitate the proper growth of breast tissue, all the way through and beyond menopause to regulate hormones and prevent atrophy.

Key ingredients:

Black Cohosh: Used for balancing female hormones and reducing the incidence of hot flashes, it is very active in the treatment of rheumatic pains. As a relaxing tonic it may be used in many situations where needed.

Chaste Tree Berry: As a pituitary gland tonic, it is used to balance both male and female hormones. As such, it has been found to normalize sex drive. Also regulates moods associated with menopause, PMS and menses.

Dong Quai: This Asian root has been used for centuries to treat menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and cramps. Enlarges breasts, regulates menstrual cycles and relieves vaginal dryness.

Fenugreek Seed: Rich in phyto-estrogens, aids in hormonal production and aids in the development of the mammary glands. It is currently being tested as a treatment for cancer.

Red Raspberry Leaf: Used for regulating menses and balancing hormones. A fantastic female tonic, it is recommended for use during pregnancy as it tones the muscle walls of the uterus. Helps prevent miscarriage and postpartum hemorrhage from a relaxed or atonic uterus.

Wild Yam: Used as a treatment for osteoporosis, it is an excellent source of Beta-Carotene and diosgenin, which are powerful phytochemicals which aid in optimal breast development. Wild Yam has been used as birth control. If you are attempting to conceive, this herb could prevent pregnancy.

Yarrow: Often classified as a uterine tonic. Several studies have shown that yarrow can improve uterine tone, which may increase menstrual blood flow when it is irregular or scanty, and reduce uterine spasms, which reduces heavy flow in cases of abnormally heavy menstrual flow.

Other ingredients: Love¹, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, nag champa, sandalwood, and Vitamin E. No fillers or chemicals. All herbs are organically grown or wild crafted when available.

What effects can I expect from Infuse?

Because everyone’s body, health condition, diet, metabolism and age are unique, all remedies can be expected to work individually. You may feel some tingling in the breasts as associated with the “growing pains” of puberty. It can be compared to the feelings experienced when pregnant or nursing when your breasts are filling with milk. Users report fuller, firmer, breasts and a markedly increased libido, accompanied by natural lubrication. Remember, you are balancing your hormones and creating a natural, healthy state so your body can produce the youthful combination of your own hormones at levels that you used to have.

If taking Infuse for symptoms of PMS or menopause, take as directed above until symptoms are alleviated. If you stop using the formula and symptoms return, you can resume use and use it indefinitely for maintenance of hormone balance.
Infuse can be used during puberty to facilitate the proper growth of breast tissue, and formation of the reproductive system, all the way through and beyond menopause to regulate hormones and prevent breast atrophy (that deflation effect that sometimes happens with age).
Pregnant and nursing women should not take Infuse until after weaning.
Infuse is not appropriate for men.

All the ingredients in Infuse are on the FDA’s GRAS (generally regarded as safe) list. Not recommended while attempting to conceive as one of the herbs in this formula has been used as birth control. Individual results may vary.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Please take only as directed.³

¹All Blossom Spring products are made with the Shamanic Healing Energy™ of pure Love.

³Herbal medicine is to be taken in small doses over long periods of time in order to keep a level of medicine in the body until a result is achieved. Do not double dose. You will not get the result you desire.