Shamanic Healing Energy – half hour session


Half Hour Session


This half hour Shamanic Healing Energy session is a comprehensive reading of your aura, your chakras and a resetting and balancing of the entire energetic system. When balance is restored, healing and clarity of all kinds returns to you.

Every session is different because everyone’s needs are different. I will get information about your physical and emotional states by connecting to your guides, then together, we will bring balance back by cleansing your connection to the Universal Source of all things.

When the session is complete, you will receive an email with all of my findings and we can discuss the messages that came through.

Distant Healing with SHE is just as effective as being there in person because everything takes place in the Universal plane, Whether or not we occupy the same room makes no difference to spirit.

We will schedule your appointment by email once your order is placed.

Prepare yourself for joyful surprises, blasts from the past, and above all, prepare to feel the kind of vibrancy many of us haven’t felt since childhood!