Spring Clean™ Colon Cleanse


30 Vegetarian Capsules

Use alone, or in conjunction with Spring Clean™ organ detox formula, as a part of a comprehensive detoxification program.


Gently rids your body of harmful impacted fecal matter and parasites.

Boosts energy and helps your body deal with our toxic environment and food supply by gently cleansing your digestive system.*

This formula contains:

~ No artificial colors
~ No artificial fragrances
~ No artificial preservatives

Some of the best times to use Spring Clean PM™ Colon Cleanse formula are:

~ Chronic constipation
~ Frequently eat meat
~ Frequently eat raw fruits and vegetables
~ Allergies
~ Poor digestion
~ Frequent heartburn
~ When you feel run down
~ Excess abdominal weight
~ and so much more!


“I release all fear. I love and approve of myself.”

No fillers. All herbs are organically grown or wild crafted.

All Natural Health Support

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: Love¹, cascara sagrada, artemisia, clove, black walnut hull, slippery elm, ginger² and tres puntas² in vegetarian capsules.

Please take only as directed.³

¹All Blossom Spring products are made with the Shamanic Healing Energy™ of pure Love.

²Herbs from the rain forests of Central America.

³Herbal medicine is to be taken in small doses over long periods of time in order to keep a level of medicine in the body until a result is achieved. Do not double dose. You will not get the result you desire. 

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