Youth Oil™


Nutrient rich facial complex

 Available only in Belize.


1 ounce herbal oil

Natures answer for ageless skin

Nutrient rich facial complex formulated to address the complete range of needs for your maturing skin. Restores elasticity, lightens age spots, and diminishes fine lines while making skin rose petal soft.*

Why should I use it on my face?

Youth Oil™ is an all natural herbal formula that contains:

~ No petroleum jelly
~ No artificial colors
~ No fragrances
~ No preservatives

Some of the many applications of
Youth Oil™ are:

~ Fine Lines
~ Sun spots
~ Sunburn
~ Age spots
~ Restore elasticity
~ Softens skin

Use every day

After washing your face, put a drop or two on your finger tips and rub fingertips together to warm the oil. Massage the skin of the face and throat the warmed oil. Leave on overnight.

“My face is fresh and glowing with health.”

Ingredients: Love*, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, calendula, chamomile, gumbo limbo, rosemary, comfrey, elderberry, yarrow,Vitamin E, jasmine, and evening primrose oil.

Please take only as directed.**

*all Blossom Spring products are made with the Shamanic Healing Energy™ of pure Love.

** Herbal medicine is to be taken in small doses over long periods of time in order to keep a level of medicine in the body until a result is achieved. Do not double dose. You will not get the result you desire.