Successful Quitting

#1 Key to Success:

Decide to quit. Be done. Make the switch in your mind from smoker to non-smoker, not ex-smoker. Ex-smokers are angry people who hate smokers! There is too much emotional involvement, and that means there is still an attachment. You need to “cut the cord” so to speak. A non-smoker simply doesn’t smoke. Once you’ve decided that you will not have another cigarette (because you are not a smoker) then the battle is half won.
Be positive. Instead of thinking ‘No more smoking’, think ‘More health’ or ‘Longer life”. Look forward to something good and take the focus off of missing smoking.

Dealing with cravings:

Physical withdrawal symptoms from nicotine take only a week or so to completely overcome, and each craving only lasts 3-5 minutes. That’s it! And you’re only going to deal with one craving at a time, so for a few minutes, every now and then, you can distract yourself with a quick set of sit-ups or some little chore like sweeping the floor. Something physical that involves getting healthy will be most effective. Sex is also a great distraction!

When you need something to soothe your nerves or take the edge off, use Take it Easy for an instant calming effect. This is the nicotine withdrawal helper.  AIR™ Healthy Lung vape formula is useful when you need something to help you with the habit part of quitting because you can hold it in your hand and put it in your mouth, when your habit is triggered by your routine (talking on the phone, getting in the car, drinking a beer, etc.)

Helpful foods:

These foods have been found to remove nicotine from your system:
Green leafies like broccoli, asparagus and spinach. Orange foods: Carrots and sweet potatoes
Whole grains, onions, garlic, nuts, seeds and brown rice.
Foods with L-Tryptophan in them will stimulate the production of seratonin in your brain (that ‘happy’ hormone). Turkey and cashew nuts are good sources.

Teas: Regular black tea, green tea and white. Iced or hot, real, brewed tea.


A good, food based multi-vitamin. Not the ones in the supermarket. They’re just chemicals and fillers… Yuck!

Foods to avoid: These foods will inhibit the removal of nicotine: White bread (donuts, bagels, pretzels, rolls), sugar, sugar substitutes and peanuts.

Avoid Stress:No situation or person can cause you stress. You must decide with each new experience, to handle it gracefully. Stress is a matter of controlling your reaction to a situation, not the situation itself.


Ask for strength and courage and it will be given to you.
Try this: “Lord, please take this craving from me. Give me strength when I feel weak. I know you work miracles so you can surely get me through this.”
Pause. Feel peace come over you. Then, “Thank you, Lord”
Focus on surrounding yourself with positive, healing energy for Victory!