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With Traditional
Shamanic Healing Energies

About the Healer:
Bonnie M. Russell is a natural born intuitive who has been working with healing energies all of her life, with roots in her family’s native traditions.
Her healing ability was blessed further by Amma, the hugging saint, in 2010.
Bonnie leads several weekend intensives each year and teaches Medical Intuition- Becoming your own Shaman classes. She has had attendees from around the globe come to receive healing from her, and to study with her.
She is the author of, “Spirit Flight, Claim Your Joy and Your Health Will Follow”, available at Amazon.com.


“I took my deeply disturbed 22 year old daughter to Sai Baba in India, and John of God in Brazil, among other healing gurus, only to be turned away by all of them. When I brought her to Rev. Russell, she was able to lift the dark energy that no one else would dare touch. Such a miracle!”

“If you get the opportunity to attend Bonnie’s healing circle meditation, don’t miss it! Very powerful!” -Judy F.

I loved the look on my gynecologist’s face when he told me there must have been an error in the ultrasound that was done before the D and C was performed. My uterus walls are pink and healthy. He apologized for putting me thru this surgery procedure. I just smiled for I knew what really happened.
Prior to the D and C. I had my 2nd appointment with Bonnie MacDade for a healing session. She had noticed a need to clear the energy around my uterus. I then told her what happened with my menstrual period having appeared after 2 years of not having one. I was informed that the tests results showed a thickening of the uterus walls and they wanted to do a further procedure to rule out fibrous tissue and cancer. Bonnie just smiled and reassured me that all is well now.
After I had the procedure, on my pink and healthy uterus, the look on my doctor’s face was priceless. I am so grateful for this experience. – Nancy S.

“I went to see Bonnie MacDade a few days before I was scheduled to have my cancerous thyroid removed. Without telling her anything about my condition, she found it and said she removed the energy. I didn’t understand what that meant, and I’m not sure I do now, but when I went to have my pre-operative tests done 2 days later, the doctors couldn’t find the cancer! Reconnection and Dr. Macdades instincts, saved my life!” – Michelle C.

I don’t know how she knows, but Bonnie can always find the tiniest thing in my aura that I’m dealing with. Not only aches and pains, but she knows when I’m having trouble at work or with my sister, too. She is an important part of my wellness routine. -Carol W.

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Shamanic Healing Energy™ works with the etheric body to restore energy flow, and balance to the mind, body & Spirit, spontaneously.

Miracles are the manifestation of Nature in it’s purest form.

A lack of Miracles in your life is un-natural.

Shamanic Healing Energy™ (SHE) is a process that restores equilibrium to the energetic body, so that the vibrations which have become unbalanced by every day living, are adjusted.  This is based on the ancient knowledge that illness in the physical body is caused by blockages or imbalances in energy flow.   These blockages and imbalances cause the energetic body to slow its vibration. Slow vibrations result in illness and disease. The process of SHE restores the natural flow to this energy field and raises personal frequency.

Many things affect the rate of vibration within a human body.  Each emotion that is felt creates a separate vibration in the human body; each thought we have creates a unique vibration; each color has its own vibration; every sound carries its own vibration; each smell has its own unique vibration.
Many external factors affect the energy flow within the human body.  We are bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies that can influence the vibration rate of our physical and universal bodies. Each household appliance, television set, cell phone, microwave oven, air conditioner, washer/dryer is sending out these vibrations. The Earth is surrounded by various electromagnetic grids that can also affect this flow. And finally, there are many entities which can cling to our auras, homes and offices which can seriously affect our personal rates of vibration.

SHE clears these energies.

The human body and the aura accumulate a build up of these invaders and toxins.

All disease, let me repeat that; ALL DISEASE, can be healed in a matter of minutes. Volumes have been written about this fact, religions have been formed around it, and the big answer is: “Yes! You can be healed.”

Energy healing has been used for thousands of years in ancient civilizations. Healers from around the globe have used sound and color therapies, acupuncture, and reflexology principals to restore the flow of vital energy throughout the body and the entire energy system, (sometimes called ‘chi’ or ‘Qi’) of an individual.

In the United States today, acupuncture is becoming a much more common method for dealing with illness. Reiki, another form of energy healing, is being practiced by many energy practitioners in North America and Europe today. Massage therapy can be a simple form of hands on energy healing. There are many other examples of energy healing which offer some degree of effectiveness against illness, but none of them is complete. They are not able to cleanse the human cells, organs, and systems of the many toxins and invaders which are causing these health problems. 

SHE™ is complete. It is intuitive and Spirit led.

The new energies coming to the planet are raising our vibration more and more each day. With Shamanic Healing Energy™ these new high frequency energies are making healing available to all of us. It does not conflict with any other healing system, but rather enhances it. If you are frustrated because you have tried energy therapies in the past, and you have changed your diet, and you have done what your doctor recommended, but you have not had complete healing, SHE is what is needed to connect those efforts with your body. The SHE practitioner takes her instructions from your guides, her guides, and from the angels and ascended masters to bring about complete healing.

As Universal energy interacts with our personal energy fields, it boosts our innate ability to self-heal and evolve to a state of higher consciousness. It does this by creating a subtle shift in the recipient’s own energy that enables the natural brilliance of the soul to shine through. At the same time all negative thoughts, actions, and desires are released. As a result, recovery from illness, pain and other symptoms occur naturally. Relief from stress and a deep and enduring sense of peace and well being are the most common signs that the energy has been received and assimilated. The effects of receiving this energy, in a private or group session, are cumulative and can connect you personally to your guides and increase the intuitive abilities of the recipient.

SHE™ has benefited hundreds of people with every kind of health problem, including many “incurable” conditions.

It is not easy to bring in this energy, and it takes years of meditation and spiritual practice to be able to deliver this higher form of energy. However, if you feel a ‘calling’ to facilitate Shamanic Healing Energy, you can be taught the principals in our Becoming Shaman, Medical Intuition class.

There are three ways to receive Shamanic Healing Energy™:  Psychic-Light
Shamanic Healing circle
One on one sessions
Distant healing

Some of the things you can expect from these sessions include:

* Opening of the heart center: this is closed in most of humanity and needs to be opened to embrace what is unfolding.

* Clearance of specific past life experiences (karma) in order to understand them and create room for healing.

* Connection with the God Source-White Light, so they reawaken their ability to communicate with their Angels and Guides at any time: we can all do this; we have just forgotten how.

* Connection with the Blessed Higher Self to receive guidance at any time.

* Helping the client to clarify their mission for this lifetime.

* Teaching the client how to communicate with their bodies, down to the cellular level if needed.

* Creating a special connection to the Archangels that will remain with them throughout this lifetime.

The content of each session varies based on the guidance the practitioner receives from Spirit.

Every session is different and each one is quite extraordinary.

This healing modality is truly unique for those who choose to avail themselves of this opportunity.

How to receive Shamanic Healing Energy™ right now!

A Shamanic Healing Energy session is a comprehensive reading of your aura, your chakras and a resetting and balancing of the entire energetic system. When balance is restored, healing and clarity of all kinds returns to you.

Distant Healing with SHE is just as effective as being there in person because everything takes place in the Universal plane, Whether or not we occupy the same room makes no difference to spirit.

Every session is different because everyone’s needs are different. I will get information about your physical and emotional states by connecting to your guides, then together, we will bring balance back by cleansing your connection to the Universal Source of all things.

When the session is complete, you will receive an email with all of my findings and we can discuss the messages that came through.

We will schedule your appointment by email once your order is placed.

Simply purchase the session you would like and you will receive an email to coordinate the time. You will receive an email of the notes from our session, and if you’d like, we can discuss the findings and how to implement the different suggestions from spirit.

One hour session…. $150                 Half hour session….. $90

Prepare yourself for joyful surprises, blasts from the past, and above all, prepare to feel the kind of vibrancy many of us haven’t felt since childhood!